Tuesday, 3 June 2014


For some families and seniors it can be difficult to add healthy options to their daily meals. Lack of finances can often be a barrier for those who would otherwise love to shop at the Whistler Farmers Market. This summer, Whistler Community Services Society (WCSS) has partnered with the Whistler Farmers Market to make healthy options accessible to more Whistler families. The Farmers Market Nutrition Coupon Program, an initiative of the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets, will provide participants with the resources to purchase BC products such as fruits, vegetables, fresh cut herbs, nuts dairy and meat.

“Social responsibility is embedded in the corporate culture of the Whistler Farmers Market. We fully acknowledge that our success is due in a large part to the support of our partners and the community we are so proud to serve.” says Chris Quinlan, Market Manager. Program participants receive farm-fresh food; they meet farmers, pick up new recipes and learn how to include the market in their meal planning strategy. The farmer’s family benefits as well and funds stay in the region and support local economy. Participants take part in a series of workshops like canning and preserving, food demos, and nutrition info sessions organized by Whistler Community Services Society. “These workshops will be interactive and focus on the produce available at the Whistler Farmers market. WCSS will invite any interested community members to attend as learning about healthy eating and farm-fresh produce is for everyone and not just for those who are part of the Nutrition Coupon Program” says Claire Mozes, Outreach Program Manager for WCSS.

“Our objective is to encourage participants to try new foods and explore the diverse amount of produce available in their own community,” explains Peter Leblanc, Farmer Market Nutrition Coupon Program Manager. Shopping at farmers’ markets is an experience that should be inclusive to all and Whistler Community Services Society and the Whistler Farmers Market are working towards making that a possibility. Funding for this program is provided by Healthy Families BC.

This program is funded for people who are financially restricted. In order to participate you must also fit the demographic of: pregnant women, families or seniors. Please contact Jackie jackie@mywcss.org or Ashlin ashlin@mywcss.org or if you are 55+ please contact Melissa snap@mywcss.org.

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